Saturday, August 13, 2016

Anderson Silva Seminar

Today I got to train with a legend in the UFC. Anderson "The Spider" Silva taught a seminar at ATOS. He taught a sequence that started from standing to a submission in guard. Here's what I remember.
  1. Distance Management
  2. Clinching to intercepting a punch. (The key is to clinch behind their head at their ears.)
  3. "Wrapping" their arms while in a clinch to throw forward or trip backwards. (The key is to grab their wrist while it's above your arm.)
  4. Dodging their punches behind the elbow then finish with a triangle or armbar.
Guest instructor move: picking up heels then jumping to armbar. 

Vince K. was my training partner. I have known Vince since I was a white belt.

I like to close my eyes when I take pictures.

This was a screenshot taken from the video posted on ATOS Jiu Jitsu Facebook page: video link 1 & video link 2.

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