Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Improving My Passing Game

Alex was trying to help me improve my passing game. I showed/reviewed the following two passes:

  1. Margarida Pass - Like the knee slide pass, but grab their lapel and tuck your elbow in and down. You use their gi instead of an underhook.
  2. Smash Pass - Put your head on the passing side. Hip down smashing their leg. Underhook if possible. One of the key components is to control their arm on the passing side, try to pull it off the ground. This is Alex's favorite because once you're smash passing, it's hard to stop. Can't seem to find a video though.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Baseball Bat Choke With Magid Hage

I wrote about getting Baseball Bat Choked from the bottom last week and how cool it was to see Magid Hage pull it off on someone in a big competition. Well... Magid Hage IV stopped by Gracie Barra San Diego to teach a Baseball Bat Choke seminar. It was awesome! Apparently, Prof. Dominic has known Magid for at least 8 years and keeps calling him "Little Magid". Magid is not very little anymore.

He taught us different variations:
  • Starting with both people kneeling.
  • From Half Guard bottom.
  • From Half Guard top:
    • Passing to North South
    • Kicking over to Scorpion
  • From opponent's Closed Guard
I also had the pleasure to roll with Magid during interval training. I got Baseball Bat Choked from everywhere!! Even knowing about the technique after the seminar I couldn't prevent it, his hands are huge, and this grip is deadly!

Of course my eyes are closed! :P