Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Observations From Yesterday's Class

Need to work on improving my guard:
  • Prevent Toreando Pass
  • Prevent Leg Drag Pass
  • Don't butterfly (double leg hook) a standing opponent. They can just hop over it and mount you.
  • Don't be on your back for butterfly guard. Kick your opponent and sit up. Worst comes to worst, retain guard.
Dangling limbs:
  • Even from bottom side. Watch out for the Kimura.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Feed LA Seminar At Gracie Barra Mission Viejo

Wayne, his cousin, and I attended this seminar.

Budo Jake taught techniques from turtle position:
  • Crucifix from top of turtle
  • RNC-crucifix from top of turle
AJ Agazarm taught techniques from half-guard:
  • Tripod to side control from top of half
  • Tripod to reverse side control from top of half
  • Tripod to reverse side control to knee-on-belly to arm-bar (top of half)
Kayron Gracie taught techniques from guard:
  • Breaking the straight arm collar grip to wrapping their arm (key elements include: bending opponent's wrist and using your leg to bring them in for the wrap)
  • Wrapping their arm to triangle
  • Kimura when opponent is defending their arm in the triangle choke. Switch folding legs to alternate triangle, then bridge and frame their defending arm. The bridge makes room for you to sneak in your second arm.
Pic or it didn't happen :P