Saturday, March 11, 2017

UFC Gym Mission Valley, San Diego, CA

Consider this a mini review on the UFC Gym in Mission Valley. Wayne F. wanted to check out the UFC Gym Mission Valley because we just wanted some mat space to roll. This review was not paid for nor did we take any classes. We just used their mat space as an open mat.


  • Staff is very nice and friendly.
  • Gym is very clean.
  • Equipment seems brand new.
  • It's not just for people who want to train MMA but there were people there who just used their equipment to work out like a regular gym.
  • Bathroom/Showers/Looker room is clean.
  • Pricing seems to be negotiable (not 100% sure because I didn't sign up).
  • 2 floors.
Overall: UFC Gym in Mission Valley seems like a very nice and clean place to train MMA or if you just want a place to work out. The way the pricing breaks down is if you pay a high "down payment" then your monthly fee is lower. If you don't pay a high "down payment" your monthly fee are "higher".