Saturday, August 11, 2018

Visited Gracie Barra HQ to buy a Gi

My first and only time I have ever visited Gracie Barra Headquarters in Irvine was to buy a gi. My professor was insisting that I buy another Gracie Barra gi. When I dropped by, they were just ending the advanced class and started rolling. A Black Belt named Mike helped me out. At first, he said that the girls running the shop were out today, but after I told him I drove from San Diego he missed out of some rolling to help me buy an Strom A1 Gracie Barra gi. He did tell me to hold off on buying the gi because they were going to switch over to Adidas gi's, but I insisted because my professor insisted.

View from upstairs.

Small mat on the 2nd floor to the left.

Large mat on the 2nd floor to the right.

Large mat on the 1st floor.

On first floor in front of the shop.

Proof of the new gi.

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