Saturday, September 1, 2018

A Post About Gracie Barra HQ's Awesome Customer Service

Remember the gi I bought when I visited Gracie Barra HQ? Well, the patch on the pants started to come off. I was pretty disappointed and upset that a gi that I have only had for 2 weeks and the large circle GB patch on the pants is starting to come off due to poor stitching. I contacted Gracie Barra HQ because I bought the gi from them. I wanted to exchange the whole gi or just the pants for another one. Or get a partial refund so I can pay someone to properly stitch the patch back on. My GB gi from 8 years ago never had a patch come off, I'm still wearing that gi to this day. This gi couldn't even last a month.

Gabriela from Gracie Barra HQ responded promptly providing multiple solutions. Because the gi was purchased using GB Irvine's POS, and not through, they are unable to process a partial refund to reimburse me for taking them in for repair. They suggested that they can take the pants in for repair for me! And if that didn't work, they can also reimburse you in the form of store credit.

Since I just wanted a gi that "works", I opted to get the pants repaired. They quickly sent a shipping label and I dropped off the package. In less than a week, I got my gi pants back with the patch properly sewn on. I am very glad that Gracie Barra HQ took responsibility, even though Storm Kimonos made the gi, and made things right. Knowing this, I wouldn't mind making another purchase from Gracie Barra HQ.

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